ECE 2219 – Practicum/Student Teaching


This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to participate as a student teacher in two early childhood settings/programs. The student will apply previous learned theory and implement prior learning by utilizing the skills and techniques they have gained.  The student will engage in every phase of the program – working 20 hours per week in on-the-job experience under the direction of qualified supervising teachers.  Students will be placed in two diverse and varied settings serving young children and families. Students will complete learning plans, units, and other required assignments throughout their practicum/student teacher placement. Individual conferences, reports, projects, portfolio and seminar sessions are also integral parts of this course.

TEXT:  No text required for this course.

Students complete 300 clock hours in licensed child care centers.  In addition to the 300 hours, students meet one hour per week or two hours every other week with college supervisor for seminar.

Specific details will be shared with students at initial meeting prior to beginning of semester.

NOTE:  Students must be petitioned into ECE 2219.  See Tammy Landgraf for more information.

Five credit hour course.

FORMAT:  Course requirements are completed at practicum placement.  One-hour, on-campus seminar once a week.