ECE 1000 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education


This course is designed as an overview of early childhood care and education, including the basic values, structure, organization and programming in early childhood.  Examination of the student’s personal qualities in relationship to expectations of the field is addressed throughout the course.  A field experience component of 15 contact hours in a variety of early childhood settings is required with a minimum of 10 hours declared as ECE supervised experience. Students currently in the workforce who have documented 1600 clock hours may be eligible for the online format of the course.  Students are required to become a member of the TEACH organization on campus or documentation of membership to an education- based professional organization.

TEXT:  Early Childhood Education Today by George S. Morrison.  2015.

NOTE:  Student are required to complete 15 contact hours of direct field experience/observation.

Three credit hour course.

FORMAT:  Blended course offered once a week, fall or spring semester.